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family education

Dana Rosenbloom, M.S. Ed.

I am incredibly passionate about my work and about the fact that parents and children deserve to feel good about themselves, their interactions, and their work towards accomplishing goals.  It is my firm belief that all children, parents, and families need support from time to time. Whether coping with the struggles of typical infancy and early childhood or dealing with special needs, support is invaluable. In my work I have found that for family education to be effective it must be relevant to each family’s unique situation. Each member’s stage of development should be considered and interaction must be supported in order for a situation to improve.

By combining child and parent education, issues are dealt with from multiple directions. This type of work educates parents in how to read their child’s cues and interact with their child based on where they are functioning developmentally. Taking the struggle out of parenting makes it a far more rewarding endeavor.  When working with children the focus is on the whole child, encompassing all areas of their development. Each child is individually assessed and a plan is created to help that child reach their fullest potential. Throughout my work with children with special needs and their families, I focus on strength and abilities. I use those areas as motivation for success and to inform individualized plans for parenting, education, and behavior.

My goal is to support a family in their desire to be happier and healthier. I’ll be there with you, up to my elbows if necessary, as you and your children make this investment in yourselves.  I am confident, that together, we can accomplish this goal!

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