Restaurant Sanity Savers

Dana’s tips for teaching appropriate restaurant behavior. Having a child shouldn’t mean you can’t go out for dinner without hiring a babysitter.  Taking your young child to a restaurant holds the possibility of a wonderful experience in a new place with new foods, as well as an enjoyable time for you and your partner.  It can Read More

My Favorite Things: Lunchskins

These days, we’re all trying to be a little kinder and gentler to our environment.  My reaction to this concept is the same reaction I have to most parenting advice…it has to be practical for the person using it.  I love Lunchskins because they are just that, practical!  Lunchskins are reusable sandwich (or snack) bags that make Read More

My Favorite Things: Easily Add More Fruits and Veggies To Your Child’s Diet

Most parents hope to encourage their children to eat in a healthful way, but we lead busy lives, and doing this on-the-go can be tough.  I’ve hear it said that fruits and veggies are the original “convenience food.”  They come in their own packages and many can be tossed in a bag and eaten without Read More