Effective Parenting Begins With Consistency

Effective parenting can be challenging…but it can be done.  One key to success is being consistent in your discipline and limit setting.  Positive discipline and limit setting looks different for each family.  Your child’s needs may not be the same as your friend’s child.  Developmentally, the needs of a two year old will differ from Read More

Beat the Morning Blues!

Keep your baby’s travel kit organized and be ready to go at any time. Having a hard time getting out of the house in the morning? Here are some tips to keep your baby’s travel kit organized. Keep a “kit” in the bottom of your stroller with snacks, an empty cup, diapers, wipes, change of Read More

How Babies Learn; Through Their Senses

  “Ugh… he puts everything in his mouth!” Have you ever used these words to describe your baby?  Read on! http://mommybites.com/col1/baby/how-babies-learn/

Education Supports Parents of Children with Special Needs

  Raising children brings with it joy and hope, concern and trepidation.  As they say, there is no handbook for being a parent.  Raising a child with special needs can compound the worries and leave a parent feeling unsure of their footing.  And while I believe strongly that every family benefits from education, I know how Read More

Dana’s Kids is New York Family’s January 2012 Scoop

Check out New York Family for their coverage of Dana’s Kids in the January 2012: Scoop I’m so proud to have been included! http://www.newyorkfamily.com/newyork/article-903-january-2012-scoop.html