Individualized Child and Family Therapy

(The following is a list of frequently covered topics. Please note: Sessions and session goals are tailored to meet the needs of each child and family.)

For Parents

  • become a better, more responsive parent
  • bringing home a new baby, new parent concerns
  • coping with the difficulties of raising a young child with or without special needs
  • learning to recognize and respond to your child’s cues
  • dealing with behavioral issues (tantrums, defiance, anger, etc.)
  • learning to support your child through developmental issues such as using the potty, giving up pacifier/bottle, and sleeping in a big bed.
  • learning to balance caring for a young child and caring for yourself and your family.
  • support for dealing with temperment issues
  • improve parental/spousal relationship

For Your Child

  • At home or in-school play-based assessment
  • early intervention special education services
  • language development
  • potty training
  • improved self-esteem and ability to express emotions
  • increase frustration tolerance and decrease temper tantrums
  • support for reaching developmental milestones
  • skills, confidence and language for entering new situations
  • improved play skills
  • support and development of social skills
  • social skills groups

For Your Family

  • support for siblings and families of children with special needs
  • adjustment for new “big” brothers and sisters
  • sleep training
  • learn to make family time in today’s busy lifestyle
  • deal with sibling rivalry
  • learn the importance of consistent parenting

Lecture Topics For Your Organization

For Parenting Programs and Play Groups

  • Positive Discipline and Limit Setting with the Young Child
  • Dealing with Tantrums
  • Developmentally Appropriate Play with Infants, Toddlers and Preschoolers
  • Following Your Child’s Lead During Play-Stretching their abilities without frustrating them
  • Separation (At School and/or at Home with a caregiver)
  • Toilet Training
  • The Value of a “Flexible Routine”
  • Parent Support Based on Group-Members concerns
  • Group work with Parents of Children with Special Needs
  • It’s Mine!  How to Navigate Play Dates
  • Play and Safety for Parents of Babies
  • Play and Safety for Nannies
  • Creating Safe and Developmentally Appropriate Environments for Parents with Young Siblings
  • Workshops Co-Taught with an Experienced RN -New Parents “Medicine Cabinet” and Toy Chest

Professional Development For Early Childhood Educators

  • Emergent Curriculum-developing a curriculum based on your students
  • Classroom/Behavior Management
  • Evaluating and Assessing Student’s Development
  • Sensory Integration Techniques for the General Education Classroom
  • Creating Positive Relationships with Parent
  • Individualizing Education in the Classroom
  • Including All Children in a General Education Classroom
  • Working with Special Instructors and SEITs