Child Development

Understanding your child’s development is core to successful parenting. Whether supporting baby milestones through play, teaching social skills and emotional resilience, or addressing special needs, parents and educators who are aware of where their children are, where they’ve been, and where they’re going are best able to support those children. These articles are packed with resources and ideas so that you can do just that.

Child taking first steps with parent guardian

Probably the most important way that I support parents and caregivers is helping them understand their child’s development. Rather than feeling overwhelmed by 3 month milestones, 6 month milestones, 2 year old milestones, or early elementary-aged skills, I try to help parents feel empowered by them! Having a sense of where your child is, where they’ve been, and where they are going helps you to parent in a developmentally appropriate manner and support your children as they become their most successful selves.

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two young toddlers playing together

There is truly not enough to say about the importance of play in lives of young children. Kids learn through play. Successful development in all areas (gross motor, fine motor, social-emotional, cognitive, sensory, etc.) is supported by giving children opportunities to play in both child-centered and adult-directed experiences. Playing with your baby or young child teaches them new things, helps them to feel loved and safe, and allows them to explore their world. A child who “plays in the presence of” a secure adult learns to take risks, manage disappointments, and marvel in their successes. Here you’ll find more about how incorporating play sets the stage for a lifelong love of learning in your child.

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Social-Emotional Development

Social development and emotional intelligence in children set the foundation for helping them to become well-adjusted adults. But how do kids make friends, how can you encourage toddler emotional development when their moods can flip flop so easily, and how can you help your children manage their big emotions and develop resilience? While it can take some time and repetition, you’ll find the resources you need right here.

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Special Needs

What if your child isn’t doing everything they are “supposed to” be doing? Addressing potential challenges proactively is the single best way to ensure that your child, with all of their unique needs, gets the attention and support that will help them thrive. Whether you’re concerned about a toddler whose meltdowns feel out of control or who isn’t “making milestones,” a young child who has difficulty connecting with peers, is struggling at school or seems unable to manage his or her emotions, you’ll want to learn as much as you can to put you in the best position to get them the help that they need and set them on the path to growth.

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COVID-19 Update: We understand that you are working through an unprecedented and challenging time. We’ve compiled a list of resources for you and your children that we hope you will find helpful. Dana’s Kids is here to support you! Please don’t hesitate to reach out.

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