Non-Negotiables: Consistency is Key in Parenting

Be Consistent One of the basic tenets of the parent education I provide is that consistency is essential to successful parenting. Take, for example, the client whose daughter was potty training. Most days she woke up in the morning and was changed from a diaper into underwear. However, on some days when Mom felt rushed in Read More

Use Anchoring Activities to Help Create Successful Routines

Importance of Responsive Routines There has been a lot of conversation recently about maximizing time at home with children. So much of my work is about helping parents have developmentally appropriate expectations for children and realistic expectations of themselves. Managing expectations helps everyone feel more successful. When at home with children, I do believe routine Read More

You’re Not Perfect—And That’s OK

You’re not perfect. And neither am I. Not a perfect person. Not a perfect parent. And thank goodness for that! Define Your Parenting Goals and Make a Plan So where did all this come from? Recently, I spent 3 days at a retreat looking inward. Basically, the wonderful retreat leader put me through the same Read More

If We Take Something Off The Table, Have We “Lost?”

Q:If we take something off the table, have we “lost”?   A:”Lost what,” I ask?  An example, many parents report morning routine’s to be a struggle.  Children drag their feet.  Parents are trying to accomplish many things in a short period of time.  No one wants to feel harried in the morning.  Maybe your daughter Read More