How to Use Your Child’s Strengths to Help Them Grow

Many schools have parent-teacher conferences. This is a time for parents to come into the classroom to meet with teachers about their child’s development. I was thinking about my time in the classroom and a phrase I used to use with parents during these meetings: “We’re all working on something.” I always followed up this Read More

Concerned About Your Child’s Development? Here’s What To Do

Unfortunately, being unsure during parenthood is not a rarity. No one has all the answers. But knowing what to do and knowing your options when you have concerns or feel unsure about your child’s development can be life-changing. Trust Your Instincts Most parents don’t forget the event that pushes them over the edge from noticing things Read More

Why Shouldn’t Children Exercise?

Hello, my name is Katrina Phillip, and I am a fitness trainer who specializes in children. I am also one of the trainers on Bonita Porte’s Energetic Juniors team. I was recently asked to list a few reasons why children should exercise…However, I believe the true question we should be asking ourselves is – WHY Read More

How Babies Learn; Through Their Senses

  “Ugh… he puts everything in his mouth!” Have you ever used these words to describe your baby?  Read on!