Sibling Rivalry: Setting Children Up For Success

Sibling Rivalry: Setting Children Up For Success Realistically, it’s difficult to expect young siblings to agree to disagree.  I know many adults who have a hard time with this concept.  So when does a parent step in, when do they leave it to the kids, and how do they promote a positive relationship between their Read More

Preparing Your Young Child For A New Sibling

Preparing Your Young Child for a New Sibling Tips for Helping Your Child Transition From “Only” to “Older Sibling” Parents consider many factors when deciding whether to have a second or third child.  Or for that matter a fourth or fifth.  Money, time, support, space…patience!  The right number of children is the number both parents Read More

Positive Sibling Relationships

Raising young siblings shouldn’t just be about dealing with rivalry after it appears.  Instead try these 5 tips for fostering healthy, positive relationships between your young children that can extend to their relationships outside of the home as well. 1-    Honor Children’s Uniqueness– Children want to be recognized as individuals.  By celebrating the things that Read More

Our Journey to 5: An Adoption Story

Families come in all shapes and sizes. I was proud to meet Stephanie Davidson Karp recently, and she shared this amazing video and her family’s story. Grab the tissues. It’s a must see. A great reminder to celebrate your family, whichever shape it may come in, as well. Our Journey to 5: An Adoption Story