Helpful & Hopeful: Dana Talks About Building Emotional Intelligence

Dana Rosenbloom, M.S. Ed., Founder, Dana’s Kids Learn the basics for building emotional intelligence with children (toddlers-10 years old). Identifying and Understanding that emotions come in different sizes Tools for Managing those emotions and building resiliency, and Strategies to Support your child in the process.

Helpful & Hopeful: An Interview with Dr. Alexandra Barnett Ph.D.

Dr. Alexandra Barnett Ph.D. Dr. Barnett offers tools that promote routine, flexibility, and grounding, and discusses developmental regression you may be seeing. Learn how you can meet your child’s needs to feel a greater sense of connection and control.

3 Strategies to Help Your Child With Worries

Everyone worries from time to time: -Will I know anyone at the party? -How will I find my classroom? -What if I forget what I need? But sometimes worries get too big or come too often and can begin to get in a child’s way. This is when a parent needs to have strategies to help support that child. Here Read More

Ring Around the Rosie: 5 Ways to Foster Friendship in Your Children

Ring Around the Rosie: 5 Ways to Foster Friendship in Your Children By: Naomi Shaw Friends are one of the biggest joys in life. They are people you can have fun with, count on, and share yourself with. What would the world be without friendship? As a parent, you’re aware of the value of friendship, Read More