3 Strategies to Help Your Child With Worries

Everyone worries from time to time: -Will I know anyone at the party? -How will I find my classroom? -What if I forget what I need? But sometimes worries get too big or come too often and can begin to get in a child’s way. This is when a parent needs to have strategies to help support that child. Here Read More

Ring Around the Rosie: 5 Ways to Foster Friendship in Your Children

Ring Around the Rosie: 5 Ways to Foster Friendship in Your Children By: Naomi Shaw Friends are one of the biggest joys in life. They are people you can have fun with, count on, and share yourself with. What would the world be without friendship? As a parent, you’re aware of the value of friendship, Read More

Make Learning Less of a Strain and More of a Hoot

Make Learning Less of a Strain and More of a Hoot By Kelsey Fox Bennett, M.Ed. Our eyes, ears, neck and shoulders all work together for us to see, hear, and move appropriately to take in any information from the outside world. Especially when we are under stress, one or more of these can lag Read More

I’m Sorry

As an educator of parents and children, I spend quite a bit of time around kids.  And if I’ve seen it once, I’ve seen it a thousand times…Two young children are playing beautifully side by side.  Sometimes they are interacting, sharing and conversing, other times they are engaged in parallel play.  All of a sudden Read More

Don’t Help Your Child

Next time you’re compelled to jump in & “fix” something for your young child, count to 10 and give them a little more time. Being able to problem solve strengthens a child’s sense of self and reinforces their ability to make their needs known while taking into account the points of view of others. Problem Read More

An Alternative to I’m Sorry

Try a “check in.” Rather than simply insisting your young child say “sorry” after they have hit or upset another child, ask them to “check in.” This can mean asking if the other child is okay, saying sorry, offering a tissue, ice, or hug. By doing this, children are learning to show empathy rather than Read More

A Problem Solving Activity

Next time you and your child are faced with a problem, try this out! Take out a large piece of paper and a marker and tell your child you are going to do some important work.  Children love to be involved with making lists and writing words.  It makes them feel very grown-up. Write down Read More

Bullying Prevention Starts With Teaching Tolerance

Needless to say “bullying” has been in the news a lot lately.  What’s been happening is nothing short of tragic.  It would seem to me that whether you have a child or are educating children, your goal is to give them the support and tools they need so that they become positive, active contributors to our Read More

Tips for Helping Young Children Cope With Separation and Divorce

Check out my article for Mommybites: “Tips for Helping Young Children Cope With Separation and Divorce” Divorce and separation, no matter how amicable the situation, is challenging for everyone involved. It can be particularly so for children, given the number of major changes that will occur in that child’s life.  (For the full article: http://mommybites.com/col1/preschool/tips-for-helping-young-children-cope-with-separation-and-divorce/)