Welcome and Congratulations
on taking your first step toward a happier and healthier family!

Day-to-day questions, tantrums, testing, rigidity, concerns about development, or difficulty reaching a milestone, can cause parents to go through periods of time where they may doubt their own, and their child’s, abilities. It can leave you feeling worried and frustrated. You can’t help but think it’s supposed to be easier than this. (At least some of the time!)

No one said you had to do it alone…so don’t!

Whether you’re here

  • for effective, proven techniques
  • to build the right team for your child
  • to understand your child better
  • to learn strategies to support them as they grow and be an integral part of their development

you’re in the right place!

With a little help, education and support, you and your child can start taking action. Together we’ll pinpoint the core issues, create and implement a customized parenting, behavior, or education plan, and trigger the change you’ve been waiting to see.

I’m here to help you do that.

My name is Dana Rosenbloom, and together, we’ll help you, your child and your family feel successful.