My Philosophy

I believe there’s always a way to work on something to make it
a little bit better,
a little bit easier,
and a little bit more successful.

There’s no reason to struggle with being uncertain. There’s no shame in getting the help you need. Getting help makes you a thoughtful, prepared, and proactive parent. Sometimes, all you need is someone to talk you through it. I can help you build more confidence in your parenting, a happier family, and a more successful child.

Here’s what makes me different:

  1. You and your family’s happiness is my core focus. I’m your advocate, your support, your motivator, your warrior, who will help guide you to a life you will love.
  2. I have over 14 years of experience working with children in early childhood education. I haven’t seen it all (who has?), but I’ve seen quite a bit of it.
  3. I’m accessible world-wide. With the magic of the internet, I can work with you via Google Hangout, Facetime, or Skype, and get you the help you need, wherever you are.
  4. I meet you where you are and help you get where you need to be. I’ll help you bolster your parenting skills so you can guide your children to long-lasting success in all areas of their life, while also building great happiness and joy in your family.
  5. I highlight and build upon your child’s strengths to help them work toward, and accomplish, goals and milestones.
  6. I know that communication with, and education for, parents about the work I am doing with a child are integral to the growth process. This focus helps parents feel empowered and provides them with strategies for carryover and consistency.
  7. There’s no one way to do things and that’s especially true for parenting. The plan we create is based on proven, early childhood techniques I have used and studied, combined with your input about your unique family and child.
  8. I’ll stick with you. I’m here to make sure that what needs to change in your family DOES change, so you can enjoy your life more.
  9. That being said, if the journey ever gets tough + rocky, I’ll be there to hold your hand through it all. I’ll always be here to support you when things don’t work out and motivate you to keep on trying.

The best part of what I get to do is to see, first-hand, the shifts entire families make when they finally get the support and empowerment they need to reach their fullest potential.

So, why can’t yours be the next family to make that shift?

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