Discipline and Limits

Parents with questions about methods of discipline and setting limits are the most frequent visitors to my website. Discipline so often gets a bad rap but when done in a kind, firm, and consistent manner, discipline can be a positive experience for both the child and parent. Here you’ll find my best tips and strategies for how to discipline your child in a way that respects them and their needs, while also empowering you in your role as their parent.

Positive Discipline

Positive discipline can completely transform the way that you parent. Instead of getting angry or upset, learn how to use specific, positive reinforcement, to discipline your child in a way that respects their needs and developmental abilities. Many parents wonder how to get kids to listen without yelling and how to meaningfully support a child’s ability to make good choices. Here, you’ll discover how to discipline a child in a way that actually works and that leaves you and your child feeling empowered and loved.

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Behavioral Challenges

Behavioral challenges in children can take on many forms, from a toddler who hits to a child who seems to go from 0-60 because their banana wasn’t cut the way they wanted it. But behavioral challenges don’t have to leave you (or your child) feeling powerless. There are ways set children up for success, teach children more appropriate ways to manage their feelings, and set up consistent consequences for disrespectful and aggressive behavior in children. Here you’ll learn how to deal with a child with anger issues, as well as how to discipline a toddler or child who is acting out, without resorting to getting angry yourself.

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We’ve all been there, the screaming, the flailing of limbs, the overwhelming emotion that accompanies a total tantrum. Tantrums take different shapes at different ages and for different children; a toddler tantrum may have a child dropping to the floor, 2 year olds wonder how powerful they can be, while 3 year old tantrums can include loud wailing and 4 year olds head down the path of a power struggle. So, what can a parent or caregiver do? Find some tips for how to support your child through understanding and managing their emotions, their bodies, and the control they have over themselves in this world in order to work through (or at least tame to some extent) those tantrums.

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Setting Limits

Limits and boundaries. We need them and our children need them, but how do you implement them effectively? How do you decide if, when, and how to use “take a break” or time out for toddlers, preschoolers and other young children? How do you limit screen time for kids? And how can you set up house rules for kids that they’ll actually follow? Look no further for thoughts and strategies to help you with these, and other questions.

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COVID-19 Update: We understand that you are working through an unprecedented and challenging time. We’ve compiled a list of resources for you and your children that we hope you will find helpful. Dana’s Kids is here to support you! Please don’t hesitate to reach out.

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