Dana’s Kids Tips: What Should I Look For In A Parenting Support Group?

What Should I Look For In A Parenting Support Group? Support groups can be an incredible aid to parents. Whether you are a parent of a toddler, coping with elementary school issues, dealing with a testing teenager or are managing the challenges and successes of having a child with special needs, knowing there are others Read More

You’re Not Perfect: Accepting Your Parent Self

You’re Not Perfect: Accepting Your Parent Self You’re not perfect.  And neither am I.  Not a perfect person.  Not a perfect parent.  And thank goodness for that! A few years ago I went on a business development retreat where the group leader put us through many of the same steps I guide my parent clients Read More

Parenting Tips: Stop Over-Scheduling and Start Playing

Stop Over-Scheduling Your Children and Start Playing Summer brings with it for many adults who interact with children, the opportunity to stop over-scheduling. Often, children receiving special services take vacations and have therapists that do the same.  More structured school environments are replaced by more laid back camp experiences.  And my mind goes immediately to Read More

Mindful Parenting: Reflecting On Your Child’s Development

Mindful Parenting: Reflecting On Your Child’s Development One of my most important, and sometimes challenging, tasks with a family, is to keep them current with their child’s development and their parenting skills.  I help them spend time thinking about what their children can do now that they couldn’t do in the past.  What new strengths have Read More

Parenting Tips: Consistency and Non-Negotiables

Parenting Tips: Consistency and Non-Negotiables One of the basic tenets of the parent education I provide is that consistency is essential to successful parenting.   Take, for example, the client whose daughter was potty training.  Most days she woke up in the morning and was changed from a diaper in to underwear.  However, on some days Read More

How Can I Bond With My Baby?

If you are asking, “How can I bond with my baby?, follow these helpful hints. “Take time each day to cuddle, talk, laugh, play, hug, smile, and show [your baby] affection in a way that feels comfortable. Some ideas include wearing your baby in a sling, snuggling in bed, listening to music or taking a Read More

What Kind of Parent Are You?

For some time, when people referred to opposing sides of the parenting argument, they were talking about working mothers and stay-at-home mothers.  Today, the reference is to parenting styles.  It goes without saying that we live in a more complicated, and in some cases more dangerous world, than existed just a few generations ago.  But Read More

Guest Post: Niche Placement: Hiring Your First Nanny Part One

I love watching Downton Abbey. As the founder of a nanny agency, and former professional nanny, I am fascinated by the relationship between the family and their household staff. Downton is a culture in which people are born knowing how to hire, treat, and keep staff.  Although present day New York City is home to Read More