Parents and Teachers: Friends or Frenemies?

Parents and Teachers: Friends or Frenemies? Ok, so right off the bat, I feel it’s important to clear up the fact that I’m not generally a “slang” user.  But in this case, if the shoe fits…  It’s a question that actually makes me quite sad, but nevertheless, hangs in the hallways.  When you send your Read More

How Are We Going To Separate?

Separation for the first time at school can be a spectacular, and sometimes challenging, experience for grown-ups and children alike.  I find that having a plan helps immensely.  You can talk to both your child and his or her teacher about “the plan” and then follow through.  Try these tips: 1. Have Your Child Walk In To Read More

Tips For Preparing Your Child For Nursery School

The most important way to help your child feel comfortable with the idea of beginning nursery school is to make sure you are comfortable with the idea of him or her beginning nursery school.  If you have questions or concerns call the school and speak with your child’s teacher, the director, or the school’s early Read More

Tips and Recording from Babybites Separation Teleclass

On June 1st, I joined Heather Ouida of Babybites and Kiddybites to discuss “Separation at Camp and Beyond.”    Take a look at the tips from our conversation and listen to the recording:

I Thought We Were Done With Separation!

Ahh, the two week mark at nursery school.  This is often the time that many children (even those who seemed to transition easily into nursery school) start showing some hesitation.  The novelty is starting to wear off and they begin to wonder “Wait, I have to keep going?!”  Stay calm, this is just a phase and it will pass!  Here’s Read More

To Tell Or Not To Tell

Parents often ask me whether they should let their classroom teacher know that their child is receiving special services. “Will they hold it against my child?”  “Will my child be labeled?”  I say tell! When you bring your child to school, you should view the administrators and teachers as part of your team.  You are all there to Read More