Parents and Teachers: Friends or Frenemies?


Parents and Teachers: Friends or Frenemies?

Ok, so right off the bat, I feel it’s important to clear up the fact that I’m not generally a “slang” user.  But in this case, if the shoe fits…  It’s a question that actually makes me quite sad, but nevertheless, hangs in the hallways.  When you send your child to school or class, or for that matter bring them to day care or leave them with a nanny, is your child’s teacher or caregiver your teammate or a rival?  Needless to say, when the adults in a child’s life form an authentic relationship surrounding a certain little person or goal, everyone benefits!  So how do you do this?

Step 1 is going in to these relationships with the right mindset.  Sometimes, simply making the decision that you are going to view this person as another important grown-up in your child’s life, is enough to set things on the right track.

Step 2 is keeping the lines of communication open.  If you have concerns, discuss them.  If you’re not sure about how a particular routine or activity will work for your child, ask the teacher about it.  And if you or your child needs support in a particular area, bring it to the teacher or caregivers’ attention.

Step 3 is honoring each other’s expertise.  To be sure, a parent is the expert about their child.  Early childhood professionals bring to the table an understanding of child development and learning styles, as well as experience with a variety of children.  Together, you can help support your child as he or she grows!

As the school year progresses, if you or your child’s teacher or caregiver has concerns about their behavior or development, reach out.  I’m here to help you understand your child’s development and support you both so that you can be successful.