I Thought We Were Done With Separation!

Ahh, the two week mark at nursery school.  This is often the time that many children (even those who seemed to transition easily into nursery school) start showing some hesitation.  The novelty is starting to wear off and they begin to wonder “Wait, I have to keep going?!”  Stay calm, this is just a phase and it will pass!  Here’s the trick…keep moving forward! No matter what they say; ” I dont wanna go,” “I’m not getting dressed,” “I hate school.”  Keep moving forward.  Reflect their feelings, tell them you hear that they are saying they don’t wanna go.  If need be bring them in pajamas.  Just keep moving forward. Communication is also essential here.  Let your teachers know that your children are feeling hesitation.  Talk to the teachers about the plan for saying goodbye and stay consistent with it.   It’s important to remember to keep the same confident, positive attitude about school that you had during the “phase-in” process.  Keep moving forward and both you and your children will pass through this phase unscathed!