To Tell Or Not To Tell

Parents often ask me whether they should let their classroom teacher know that their child is receiving special services. “Will they hold it against my child?”  “Will my child be labeled?”  I say tell! When you bring your child to school, you should view the administrators and teachers as part of your team.  You are all there to help your child develop, grow and be as successful as they can be.  By having the information, your classroom teachers can be in touch with you and your child’s therapist(s), learn techniques that work for him or her, and keep everyone aware of progress and issues at school.  Truth be told, most early childhood teachers are going to notice that “something’s up” even if you don’t tell them.  As teachers, we wait and watch, form relationships with children and parents, and then broach the topic.  Why delay?  If we have the information we can hit the ground running and provide your child with the neccessary support.  We are thrilled to know when a parent has been proactive, is aware of their child’s development, and has advocated to get their child services.  Many times, intervention in the early years gives the child the extra help they need to go on to typical schools later.   By working together in an honest way, we can form trusting relationships that will help us choose the best and most appropriate school for your child when they leave our programs.  We want your child to be successful and feel good about themselves, that’s why we’re in this field.

Please let us join your team…you, and most importantly your child, will be the winners!