Tips For Preparing Your Child For Nursery School

  1. The most important way to help your child feel comfortable with the idea of beginning nursery school is to make sure you are comfortable with the idea of him or her beginning nursery school.  If you have questions or concerns call the school and speak with your child’s teacher, the director, or the school’s early childhood consultant.  Children are very perceptive, if you are feeling nervous, they will most certainly feel nervous as well.
  2. Start a conversation with your child about beginning school.  Mention any familiar faces they may see.  Ask them what toys they think they might play with at school.  Remind them that grownups always come back!  (There are no beds or cribs at school!)  If your child’s anxiety level seems to rise during the conversation, end it.  You can always bring it up again.  Know your child.  Some children do better with less preparation, others with more.
  3. On the first day of school have one parent drop your child off.  Having to say goodbye to two parents can be far more difficult.  Also, try to make arrangements for any siblings so that they are not present for separation.  Again, watching a parent leave with a sibling can make separation harder for some young children.
  4. When bringing your child to school the first day make sure they are walking once they get inside the building.  They can absolutely hold your hand as you walk in.  Walking on their own begins the process of helping your child become more independent.
  5. Remember that beginning school is a process.  There is no time table.  Your child will have days where he or she will run in to the room without issue and there will be days where saying goodbye is more difficult.  Everyone separates!  Make sure you are clear about the teachers’ plan for separation and continue to let them know if you have specific concerns.  When you reunite at the end of the day remind your child that you came back, just as you said you would!