Why Shouldn’t Children Exercise?

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Hello, my name is Katrina Phillip, and I am a fitness trainer who specializes in children. I am also one of the trainers on Bonita Porte’s Energetic Juniors team.

I was recently asked to list a few reasons why children should exercise…However, I believe the true question we should be asking ourselves is – WHY SHOULDN’T they exercise?!


Our daily habits, of eating, of exercising, of sleeping, of communication, of basically everything we do are formed when we are children. Getting your children to move is paramount for their wanting and needing to move when they become adults. Unfortunately, families living in New York City have it more difficult. Also, times are different in this day and age… Children just cannot run freely outdoors anymore…

Many parents and nannies then turn to technology. It is easier to keep an eye on their kids when they are not moving or active. These children are being transfixed by computer screens and the instant gratification and stimulation they provide. Habits of being sedentary are being instilled, along with bad posture, unhealthy snacking and the loss of creativity. The challenge of coming up with games and things of your own is becoming lost.



 1) Just as you reserve time for them to do their homework, reserve a time for a movement break. This can be anything from 5-30 minutes long. Put on a favorite song and move to it the whole time! Go for a quick walk around the block for fresh air. Play hide and seek or tag in the living room. Getting the blood moving and the heart pumping helps the brain!!! helps focus!!!

2) Have your child be responsible for walking the dog. Or walk the dog together! You will get fresh air, exercise, time together, learn responsibility, and extra time with your adorable furry companion.

3) Watching TV? Watching a movie? Try some sit-ups, push-ups, planks, or chair sits during the commercial breaks.

4) Take the stairs as opposed to the elevator. Try “stair day” once a week. Twice a week.

5) Take the subway? Get off a stop earlier, and walk the rest of the way.


We must keep our children active. And in these times, we need to work at getting them moving more than ever.


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Energetic Juniors offers in-home, one-on-one personal fitness sessions in the comfort, convenience and privacy of your home, to help children—including special needs children—learn to incorporate more activity into their daily lives and improve self esteem and confidence.

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