Quality, Not Quantity.

I speak to parents all the time about their children.  Sometimes casually, sometimes formally.  And what I’m about to say is not a new concept.  But many times, while we are chatting informally, we’re both checking blackberries, iphones, emails, texts and really only half listening to each other.  This is not okay.  I wonder about what happens at home.  When I enter the classroom, a session, or a parent meeting, I put my phone away.  But truth be told, its not always easy.  I’m expecting a call or an email and I have hard time with the concept of missing it.  But it must be done.  The same is true at home.  The number of minutes or hours you spend with your children is inconsequential if it is disturbed by electronics.  It is important to me to be sure I do not preach when dealing with clients or writing on this blog, but in this case I implore you.  Do your best to set aside, even 20 minutes, of uninterrupted interaction with your children.  Talk, play, eat, hug, but most importantly, connect! A wise woman once told me: “Listen to a child and make sure you understand them as if you were going to be tested on it later.”  What could be better, for both of you, than knowing your child in this way?  I promise, it will make you both feel terrific!