A Post About Posts

Over the years I have realized that there are certain qualities to the work I do with parents, children, and families that I find essential.  First and foremost, I regard each family as their own culture.  My job is to get to know each member of the family and ask questions so that I can better understand what works and what doesn’t.  Parents know their children best.  By empowering a parent, I can strengthen a family.  In working with children, understanding their temperament, motivation, fears and anxieties, helps me support them as they move towards success.  When I give advice, it must be sensible and usable and it must take into account each family’s reality.  There is no one right answer about bedtime or ways to reach milestones or ability to deal with frustration.  By gathering information, I tailor the work I do, the information I give, and the techniques I recommend, to empower each individual and fit their needs. 

Here comes the part about “posts”  To some extent, writing a blog seems counterintuitive to me.  I do not give blanket advice and I highly recommend that any reading you do as a parent be taken with a grain of salt.  As “experts” we write for the masses.  Please remember that as you read my blog.  I hope that the suggestions I give will help you to start thinking about, and examining, your own situations.  I believe that the bulk of my advice will work for, and is applicable to, most families.  That being said, please, if you have questions about your specific child, your specific family and your specific situation, get in touch.  I would much rather work with you to find your best fit, than leave you feeling frustrated that something “didn’t work.” 

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