Caught Being Good

I was recently on line at the supermarket behind a woman and her daughter.  The child was probably about 6 years old and she and her mother were discussing what they were going to eat for dessert.  They suddenly realized they had forgotten the ice cream cones.  The mother calmly said to her daughter “You go get the cones.  I’ll wait here.”  The child looked at her mother somewhat cautiously and began to walk towards the cones (which could be seen from our line).  The woman told her daughter that she’d watch her, asked if she knew what they looked like and knew where to find the box. 

I told the woman she could come back to her spot in the line if she wanted to go and help her daughter.  The mother thanked me and explained that for a long time her daughter wouldn’t walk 5 feet from her and that they had been working on this for some time.  The child came back with the box, her face beaming with pride.  Her mother gave her a hug and thanked her for her help.

I couldn’t stop myself from telling the mother how impressed I was.  She was giving her daughter the incredible gift of self-confidence.  Great job Mom!  You were caught being a great parent!