My Favorite Things: Sleep Enhancing Clock

I hear it all the time:  “We just moved him/her to a bed, but he/she won’t stay in it!”  I have lots of techniques for this dilemma (keep an eye on the blog for others), but I was recently introduced to a product I think is wonderful.  It’s called the Sleep Enhancing Clock (made by It’s About Time).  I’m not sure that it will enhance your child’s sleep, but it will probably keep them in bed long enough to enhance yours! 

The left side of the clock has a bear or a car (it may come with other options, but I did not see them), and the right side has a traffic light and a digital clock.  Parents set the “alarm” to a designated time.  The clock gives visual (the light moves from red to green) and auditory (optional beeping sounds) signals when it’s time for a child to get up.  Parents can decide if that means out of their bed or out of their room.   I’ve heard some concern about the prospect of an emergency and how a child might react if a rule has been set that they do not leave their beds or rooms until the light is green.  I truly believe that if there was an emergency, a child would immediately look for their grown up or a grown up would come to get them, regardless of the color of the light on their clock.  Of course, I can make no guarantees, but I think this clock is brilliant! 

Amazon carries the item with a race car or “groovy car” attached.  One Step Ahead carries it with a blue or pink bear.  And I just found it on sale at Lillian Vernon.  This product is wonderful for all children, including those with special needs.  Let me know how it works for you!

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