My Favorite Things: Discount School Supply

Parents, grandparents, educators, caregivers……get out your pad and pen, or bookmark this site, now Discount School Supply is a find!  This fantastic website has everything from games to art supplies, infant toys to bikes to products for children with special needs (many of which I use with typically developing children as well).  The prices are right and the selection expansive.  They carry both brand names and their own brand, Colorations.  I’ll be honest…I love the Colorations liquid water colors, IncredibleFoam, stamps and stamp pads (I could go on), but the play dough (which you can make at home with the recipe in the previous blog post) and the washable tempera paints leave something to be desired.  The good news is that they have plenty of other brand options for these items. 

On their terrific website you can find craft projects, curriculum ideas and standards, curriculum activities, and even a grant database.  And now they’ve got a new Discount School Supply App you can download. The app gives activity ideas while also explaining what children will learn through their participation, as well as ways to expand and change the activity the next time you try it.  While I generally feel that children, particularly young children, should be encouraged to simply explore materials with no product in mind, its always nice to have some projects around for days at home.  The great thing about Discount School Supply is that on one website you’ll find materials for both.  Enjoy!

P.S- Google “Discount School Supply promo code” and you’re sure to get additional savings!