The Value of “Grown-Up” Breaks

Let’s face it, parenting is exhausting at times.  For this reason, parents need to give themselves a “grown-up” break. 

When I say a break, I mean two things:  A break can be time away from your child with the help of a caregiver, friend or family member.  Even a video.   This time allows you to recoup your patience and energy, refresh your body, mind and spirit, and reconnect with the world and people around you.  A break can also mean cutting yourself some slack.  For the most part parents try, every day, to be the best possible parent they can be.  Many want to be “perfect” parents.  Well, here’s some news…..there is no such thing as perfect.  Certainly you should work hard to connect with, and understand, your child, to give them the foundation for a fulfilling, successful life, but children will get boo-boos even when you’re watching.  You will misunderstand and overreact from time to time.  Forgive yourself.  Give yourself a break.  You deserve it!

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