My Favorite Things: Infant Bath Sponge

Afters years of working with infants, I’ve come across and created lots of tips to help ease some of the anxiety new parents often feel.  Bathing a tiny newborn is certainly one of these times.  They might as well have signs that read “slippery when wet!”  With time and experience this jobs gets easier, but why not have an inexpensive way to simplify the process now.  Safety 1st makes a Comfy Bath Cushion that they suggest you place in an infant tub for “added support and cushioning.”  Here’s my tip:

Rather than placing the cushion in the infant tub, lay it flat on the countertop next to your sink.  Undress your baby, leaving on the diaper (this is particularly helpful with boys), and cover her with a dry towel.  Bath each of your infants’ body parts, lathering with a soapy washcloth and rinsing with a clean water washcloth.   Remove your baby’s diaper when necessary.  Roll your baby onto her side to wash the back of her body.  Always leave the face and head for last, so that you can quickly cover her head after it is clean.  Scoop your baby up in the clean towel and move on to lotion (if you choose) and clothing.  Because your infant is laying flat and securely on the cushion, you’ll worry less about keeping a tight grip on her while you are soaping and rinsing her body.  Plus, because the baby is covered with a dry, clean towel, she is less likely to be cold and uncomfortable. 

The frog shaped Comfy Bath Cushion is $8.49.  If you are less concerned with form and more with function, go with the Summer Infant Comfy Bath Sponge for $6.99.  Though, I must admit, for the $1.50 difference, the Safety 1st frog looks far cuter while it hangs to dry in your bathtub!

As your baby gets a little older (and bigger), and you become more comfortable with the bathing process, bath slings are terrific.  Until that time comes (generally by the end of the first month or so), take the stress out of bathing by using this trick.  Bathing can be a wonderful, bonding experience for babies and parents.  Enjoy your time together!

Note: Before beginning the bathing process, be sure to have everything you need within arm’s reach.  Never leave an infant or baby unattended on the countertop or in the bath.