“Special Needs” Products for Everyone: Bubble Bear

Have a bubble lover in the house?  Pustefix Bubble Bear is a great product for children of all ages and abilities.   For babies, blow the bubbles so that they can track  with their eyes and reach out with their hands.  Toddlers love running to catch bubbles with different parts of their body.  As toddlers become 2s and 3s, most have mouth and lip muscles that are strong enough to blow bubbles on their own.  The Bubble Bear is wonderful because as your child gently squeezes its belly, the wand slides up for bubble blowing.  The extra bubble juice goes back in!   Full disclosure, this is not a no-spill bubble solution.  If your child tips the bear or squeezes too hard the bubbles will spill over the top.  Bubble Bear encourages the understanding of cause and effect, hand/finger strength, and oral-motor skills.  Have fun!