Special Needs Products for Everyone: Stomp Rocket Junior and Stomp Rocket Ultra

The Stomp Rocket Ultra and Stomp Rocket Junior are some of my favorite activities to use with children.  While they recommend you use these toys outside, with a few precautions (moving breakable items), I think the Stomp Rocket Junior can be a perfect activity for working on gross motor development while inside.  It’s a great way for ALL children to use those “big” muscles while inside on a rainy or snowy day. 

Children with low muscle tone are easily enticed by this toy and can work on jumping with two feet, landing on a target, as well as other developmental goals.  Children with special needs can also use the Stomp Rocket Junior to enhance their visual-tracking skills.  Both Stomp Rockets attract all children which can be a helpful aid for children working on social skills.  Every child using the Stomp Rocket will improve their understanding of cause and effect and most importantly, it’s fun!