A Wonderful Sight: First Steps

We recently (finally!) had a sunny day in NYC.  I love being outside, feeling the sun on my face, relaxing in the park.  Little did I know that on this sunny day I would be a part of a young family’s “first.”  I watched as the young couple encouraged their daughter to let go of the railing in the grassy area where they were playing.  The first few times the young toddler simply sat down in the grass where she had been standing.  The parents were seated a mere foot away from her on a blanket and had resumed their conversation, when lo and behold their daughter let go of the railing and took one shaky step and then the next.  The parents must have noticed it out of the corners of their eyes, because they jumped up hugging and cheering and eventually crying.  The predictable rush to get the camera ensued and the family continued with their joy.