My Favorite Things: Using Photographs with Children

All children love seeing themselves and the important people in their lives in photographs.  For babies, photo albums can be used to support language development, recognition of their loved ones and caregivers, and are a great transition object for day care.  Toddlers enjoy labeling all of the people and things they know.  For twos and threes, photographs help with separation at school and camp, they can be used for setting up schedules (children at this age thrive on routine), and can teach children about flexibility.  Threes and older love recalling events like trips to the farm, Halloween, and visiting family and friends that live far away.  A series of photographs can be used for sequencing activities and promote telling stories with a beginning, middle, and end.  Photo albums are a terrific tool for helping children through moves from one house to another, can ease the anxiety and unpredictability that may arise during divorce or separation, and are great for children with special needs.  Give it a try!  Thinking about using photos or a photo album with your child and not sure how to proceed? Get in touch: [email protected]