A Post About Bin Laden’s Death

Whether talking about his life or death, I struggle with giving this man more than his 15 minutes of fame.  To be sure, in my opinion, he didn’t even deserve that much.  Many people have strong feelings about last night’s events.  Many will be discussing them today and for days to come.  When doing so, please remember that little people have big ears.  We can discuss, in general terms, children’s developmental readiness for certain types of information.   But I don’t think any one person can tell another how much to tell or if they should be talking to their children about terrorism and the world at large. 

I can tell you for certain that children hear more than your words.  They see your actions and feel your emotions.  And children learn what they live.  Keep that in mind when you decide what to share and how.  Keep that in mind when talking to friends and family.  Make sure you are presenting the message you intend to in your language and your behavior.  The future of our world is encompassed in that little person next to you.