Sippy or Straw Cup? And the Speech Therapist Says…

…Straw Cup! According to speech therapists, straw cups promote more mature oral motor development. Sippy cups encourage children to rest their tongues on the under side of the spout, which can cause what is called “tongue thrust.” Tongue thrust can lead to articulation issues. Straw cups on the other hand promote lip closure, tongue and cheek strength and better oral control and coordination. One of my favorite straw cups for infants is the new Playtex Lil’ Gripper Straw Trainer. This terrific, sturdy, leak-proof cup has a specially-designed spot where a parent can squeeze to bring liquid up in the straw. Rest assured a child can not easily squeeze the cup, but the ability to raise the liquid level in the straw allows children to quickly learn this new skill. So there you have it….go with the straw cup!

One thought on “Sippy or Straw Cup? And the Speech Therapist Says…

  1. Interesting! Julia actually never used a sippy cup-she hated them-as did I-every single one leaked!

    I might check out that cup you mentioned with the straw for car rides when giving her a cup or regular water bottle is not an option!

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