My Favorite Things: Finger Crayons for Toddlers

When introducing crayons to toddlers, finger crayons are my first choice.  These crayons are perfectly sized for small hands and can fit in a child’s palm or on their finger.  From a developmental standpoint, finger crayons are great for working on finger isolation, whole hand grip and general fine motor skills.  They can also be stacked and sorted.  Best of all, they come in terrific shades that will help your little Picasso create his or her first masterpiece!  Finger crayons can be found on,, and many other sites and stores.

One thought on “My Favorite Things: Finger Crayons for Toddlers

  1. What a coincidence! We are using those exact crayons and they are great. They also stack really well, so can also function as “stacking toys”. Thanks for your post!

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