My Favorite Things: Kids Play Tent

In the season of beaches, parks, picnics and outdoor activities, having a safe spot for your children to play is essential.  The Sun Smarties Play Anywhere Play Tent is one of my favorites.  First and foremost, the tent has UPF 30+ which is so important when playing outside.  The tent is incredibly easy to open and close and it comes with it’s own carrying case.  Let’s be honest, normally when items brag about their own carrying case, you’d generally have to be proficient in origami to get it back in, but this one slides back in without issue.

The Sun Smarties tent also features a floor, as well as a “front patio” floor, which is perfect for babies who are exploring sand or grass for the first time, or other children who don’t love the feel of sand or grass.  While the company does not mention that an adult can fit in the tent, I personally crawled inside to play (and yes, then nap) with my nephew.  This isn’t a family-sized tent, which Sun Smarties offers as well, but for a few children or one adult and a child, it’s works beautifully.  The Sun Smarties Play Anywhere Play Tent has venting on all sides, which you have the option of opening or closing.  Close the vents when the wind picks up at the beach, or leave it open for a gentle breeze while your child is napping!

The Sun Smarties Play Anywhere Play Tent is also great for leaving open in a bedroom or playroom, even in an apartment.  Set it up and watch your children’s creativity flow.  The zippered closures make it an ideal place for older children to set up materials that can be closed off and kept safe from younger children.  With this tent, the possibilities are endless.  Give it a try and let me know what you think!

(Note: The pool on the left is a developmentally-appropriate first pool for infants and young babies.  It is available at Buy Buy Baby.   Parents should always be in the water or just outside of the pool (within arms reach), when infants and toddler are exploring the water.)