Thoughts About Sleep Training

No matter how you choose to do it, at what point in your child’s life or with which method. there is one important thing to keep in mind during sleep training: you are giving your child the opportunity to learn how to soothe him or her self.  This is a life long skill.  It is a skill that takes time to learn.  Longer for some children than others.  My technique uses routine, consistency, and individual needs to help children learn to soothe themselves to sleep.  Most importantly, I rely on the belief that the vast majority of children have the ability to learn this skill.  Once we have made a plan, I often tell parents: Just when you feel like you can’t listen to them as they “work it out” any longer, wait a few more seconds before you rush in.  Send your child the message that you know they can do this!  Give them some time to figure it out.  You’ll both have learned something valuable in the long run.

If you have specific questions about sleep training, when to begin, the techniques I use, or simply need some support please email me at [email protected]