Guest Post: Stefanie Weiss

I recently had the pleasure of meeting Stefanie Weiss, a mental health counselor specializing in OCD, ANXIETY, PANDAS, ADHD and other related mental health disorders. Stefanie’s services offer parents a unique opportunity to have their children’s, and their own, needs met by individually-selected and top-rated doctors and therapists.  Stefanie guides each family through the steps of exploring their children’s needs and finding techniques, treatments, and specialists that will be most effective.





“Stefanie is a Mental Health Consultant specializing in OCD, Anxiety, ADHD, PANDAS, and other related mental health disorders. She meets with the parents of children who have these disorders so that they can speak openly  and honestly about their child. Based on an in- depth consultation and intake process, they collaborate on selecting a team of doctors that will be most appropriate for the child.

Stefanie gives families information on their child’s disorder and coaches parents on how to deal with their schools, teachers, friends,and doctor appointments. She is a true “hand-holder” guiding parents who feel anxious and overwhelmed, and need that extra time and support while dealing with their child’s disorder.  As a mother of three children, she is extremely sensitive to what parents require emotionally.  Working with Stefanie is a boutique experience. Stefanie only refers to a select group of doctors that are the very best in their field. She has thoroughly interviewed every doctor that she refers to.  This process is vital to her. It helps her observe the doctor’s bedside manner, personality, office staff, and experience with specific disorders.

Stefanie believes that parents have a hard time gaining the courage to take the initial step of seeking professional help for their children. Going to the “right doctor” the first time puts families on the right track immediately, instead of going through a daunting process of 3 or 4 doctors until they finally find the one that they connect with and believe in. She helps make that process easier by getting parents in the right hands immediately. This saves them time, money, and energy. Exposing yourself and your child emotionally is a difficult step. Stefanie makes sure families are comfortable and confident with whom they select.” Post: Will Going To Therapy Make the Situation Better or Worse ?

Recently on her blog, Stefanie broached the topic of whether going to therapy would make a situation better or worse.  The first step towards seeking out any type of help can be a scary one.  Whether you are choosing to bring your child for an evaluation, to physical or play therapy, etc. or going individually with a  spouse to see a psychologist or parent educator, you are making a conscious effort to improve your family life and relationships.  For this, I applaud your courage.  To read Stefanie’s post:


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Stefanie Weiss

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