2 More, Fun (And Educational) Fall Activities

1.  Decorate A Pumpkin: Babies can explore the texture, weight, smell, size and let’s be realistic, taste, of a pumpkin, simply by having it in their play space.  Toddler will love using craypas or face paint crayons to decorate them.  Older toddlers can peel stickers for decoration and preschoolers will love using paints.  Children in elementary school can be supervised and helped, as needed, making a plan and carving a pumpkin with a safety knife.  Remember that making a plan before any of these projects really helps to enhance the experience and teaches your child another important skill.

2.  Taste Test Apples: Which type of applesauce does your baby like best?  Which apple cubes make your toddler happy?  What colors are they drawn to?  Toddlers can smell and taste the apples while their whole and once they’re cut.  Let them watch while you use an apple slicer.  Older toddler and preschoolers can help cut the apples and make a graph of which ones they like.  This is a great way to introduce new foods.  Certainly, children love apple picking for a Fall activity, but even going to pick out a few varieties at the grocery store can be fun!  Children in elementary school can chart the different types of apples and use descriptive language to explain the texture, taste, and their preference.

As you engage with the children in your life, ask questions and encourage them to do the same.  Show that you value investigation and model how to find answers.  Give younger children the opportunity to explore the world around them.  Watch closely for their reactions and you’ll gain some insight into the kiddies in your life.  Most importantly, whichever activity you choose, whether one of these or one of your own, have fun!