Parenting During the Pandemic: You’re Okay

We’re Doing The Best We Can And That’s More Than Okay

For many of us, this is an unprecedented, stressful time.

Please know this:

  • If your child spends “too much” time in front of the screen today, and tomorrow, and even the day after…you’re okay.
  • If you can’t wrap your head around setting up, let alone sticking to, a routine…you’re okay.
  • If your child (and, perhaps, you) has a current diet that would have made you nuts in the past…you’re okay.
  • If you are still processing your own feelings and concerns right now and can’t begin to think about how you’re going to “homeschool” your child…you’re okay.

You’ll Find The Best Way

Yes, children do well with routines. Yes, children do well with play areas that are organized and have developmentally appropriate materials that can be rotated. But, you don’t have to have that up and running in the first 5 minutes of being thrust into this new “normal.”

You’re okay. You’ll find the best way for you and your child. There are lots of great resources out there. Try to implement 1 or 2 things each day, while you also try to accomplish everything else that’s required of you.

I’m going to do my best to provide support and strategies, as well as share resources from around the web that may be helpful. Don’t feel like you have to do it all. Do what you can. Do what works for you. Take care of YOU, too.

Lastly, I’ve shared a video for young children on my Facebook and Instagram pages to help you talk to your children about what’s happening now.

Full Disclosure: I needed to see this written down, as much as I wanted to share it with you! Please share with anyone who needs to see this too. Oh, and this photo is my happy place. Let’s keep those in mind too!