The Importance of Knowing What is Developmentally Appropriate

Every few weeks, during sessions with parents or children, I say something that has a parent reacting: “Wow! Really?”  Typically, I’m not saying something I think is shocking or unusual.  But there is so much information, advice, parent peer pressure, and “the-right-way-to-do-it” messaging out there, that parents are surprised when they hear something different.  Here Read More

Get Comfortable With Your Child Being Uncomfortable.

Get comfortable with your child being uncomfortable. Possibly one of my favorite parenting phrases. Discipline and limit setting are hard.  Your child crying in response to your discipline can make it even harder. During a recent workshop many parents voiced concern about this. “What happens if my child cries when I set a limit?” A Read More

You’re A Mean Mommy!

You know you’ve heard it before “You’re a mean mommy (or daddy, or caregiver).”  “I don’t like you anymore.”  “You never let me do anything.”  It’s not unusual to hear children say these things.  Especially when they’re angry or disappointed, or not sure how to express their feelings.  The problem is, even when we know Read More

Parents and Teachers: Friends or Frenemies?

Parents and Teachers: Friends or Frenemies? Ok, so right off the bat, I feel it’s important to clear up the fact that I’m not generally a “slang” user.  But in this case, if the shoe fits…  It’s a question that actually makes me quite sad, but nevertheless, hangs in the hallways.  When you send your Read More

Parenting Tips: Stop Over-Scheduling and Start Playing

Stop Over-Scheduling Your Children and Start Playing Summer brings with it for many adults who interact with children, the opportunity to stop over-scheduling. Often, children receiving special services take vacations and have therapists that do the same.  More structured school environments are replaced by more laid back camp experiences.  And my mind goes immediately to Read More