Guest Post: How to Survive Being a Caregiver for a Loved One

Recently, I heard about Cameron Von St. James and his family, and was completely blown away by their story and courage.  When Cameron offered to write a post about caregiving, I couldn’t wait to read it.  I truly believe his message and tips are as true for people who care for young children, as they Read More

The Parenting Dance

  Many parents go through a period where they struggle to understand what their children are telling them.   In more challenging situations, parents can have a hard time connecting with their babies.  I often suggest they try considering these times in a new framework.  Consider parenting to be a dance. Starting from the first moment you hold your infant in Read More

Spoiled, But Not Rotten

Here’s a wonderful tidbit from a recent parent workshop I conducted.  I was talking with a group of working parents about the guilt they were feeling.  The conversation progressed to purchasing items for children and whether or not that assuages some of the guilt.  The truth of the matter is that whether they are working Read More