For Early Childhood Professionals

Interested in Scheduling A Workshop?

I am available for speaking engagements in your home, school or other venue. For early childhood professionals, I create powerful workshops that improve a teachers’ ability to connect with, and support parents, understand child development and children with special needs, and maximize their experiences with young children.

Below are examples of past workshops. Don’t see what you’re looking for? Let’s work together to meet your specific needs – Contact me for details and scheduling.


  • Emergent Curriculum-Developing a Curriculum Based on your Students Interests
  • Individualizing Education in the Classroom
  • Successful Separation: What’s happening, why it can be challenging and how to thoughtfully support parents and children
  • Following Their Lead: Using Young Children’s Interests to Create Developmentally Appropriate Education and Experiences
  • The Basics: Child Development


  • Social Media and Communication in the Early Childhood Classroom
  • Creating Positive Relationships with Parents
  • Helping Parents Understand Your Curriculum and Classroom
  • Talking with Parents About Their Child’s Development


  • Sensory Integration Techniques for the General Education Classroom
  • Talking to Parents When You Have Concerns About A Child’s Development
  • Understanding the Basics of EI and CPSE Referrals and Services
  • Using Special Education Techniques in the Mainstream Classroom
  • Including All Children in a General Education Classroom
  • Working with Special Instructors and SEITs


  • Classroom/Behavior Management
  • Evaluating and Assessing Student’s Development
  • Creating Mentors: Helping Teachers Lead
  • The Value of Reflection: Enhancing teachers’ interactions with children, parents and colleagues