Guest Post: The Creator’s Workshop: Save That Box

 From the moment they are born children are creative; they experiment and create with their minds, bodies and voices.  As children grow, and develop physically and emotionally, their creativity expands and extends to expressions in play, on paper, with play-dough, etc.  The avenues are endless. Encouraging and fostering a child’s innate creativity has many benefits, Read More

The Two Spoon Rule

Anyone who’s ever fed a baby knows that getting the spoon to their mouth before they grab it can be a challenge….and a mess.  I have a solution.  Follow the two spoon rule.  Give your child a spoon of his or her own to hold while you are feeding them.  Every now and then, dip Read More

A Follow Up To “Restaurant Sanity Savers”

A parent recently had a great response after reading “Restaurant Sanity Savers.”  This mother of three, whose eldest has special needs, created similar “kits” for her middle child when he accompanied his older brother to activities and therapy sessions.  The eldest had a kit for when the middle child needed to be fed as an Read More

To Put A Smile On Your Face

I just heard something that put a smile on my face.  I hope it does the same for you.  I was walking home from a client thinking about the paperwork that needed to be done when I got home, when I heard an intermittent “MEOW.”  As I approached a small boy and the woman I Read More

Today At The Library…

Today I spent some time at the New York Public Library.  A couple of things immediately jumped out at me.  Of the 9 children sitting in the library when I first arrived, 7 were using computers, phones, or some other type of electronic device.  I felt an equal sense of excitement and distaste.  Electronics are helpful, support many Read More

A Post About Posts

Over the years I have realized that there are certain qualities to the work I do with parents, children, and families that I find essential.  First and foremost, I regard each family as their own culture.  My job is to get to know each member of the family and ask questions so that I can Read More