To Put A Smile On Your Face

I just heard something that put a smile on my face.  I hope it does the same for you.  I was walking home from a client thinking about the paperwork that needed to be done when I got home, when I heard an intermittent “MEOW.”  As I approached a small boy and the woman I Read More

Today At The Library…

Today I spent some time at the New York Public Library.  A couple of things immediately jumped out at me.  Of the 9 children sitting in the library when I first arrived, 7 were using computers, phones, or some other type of electronic device.  I felt an equal sense of excitement and distaste.  Electronics are helpful, support many Read More

A Post About Posts

Over the years I have realized that there are certain qualities to the work I do with parents, children, and families that I find essential.  First and foremost, I regard each family as their own culture.  My job is to get to know each member of the family and ask questions so that I can Read More