Parenting Tips: Consistency and Non-Negotiables

Parenting Tips: Consistency and Non-Negotiables One of the basic tenets of the parent education I provide is that consistency is essential to successful parenting.   Take, for example, the client whose daughter was potty training.  Most days she woke up in the morning and was changed from a diaper in to underwear.  However, on some days Read More

How Can I Bond With My Baby?

If you are asking, “How can I bond with my baby?, follow these helpful hints. “Take time each day to cuddle, talk, laugh, play, hug, smile, and show [your baby] affection in a way that feels comfortable. Some ideas include wearing your baby in a sling, snuggling in bed, listening to music or taking a Read More

What Kind of Parent Are You?

For some time, when people referred to opposing sides of the parenting argument, they were talking about working mothers and stay-at-home mothers.  Today, the reference is to parenting styles.  It goes without saying that we live in a more complicated, and in some cases more dangerous world, than existed just a few generations ago.  But Read More

Guest Post: Niche Placement: Hiring Your First Nanny Part One

I love watching Downton Abbey. As the founder of a nanny agency, and former professional nanny, I am fascinated by the relationship between the family and their household staff. Downton is a culture in which people are born knowing how to hire, treat, and keep staff.  Although present day New York City is home to Read More

Guest Post: Twinsplicity

  When my husband and I were dating we went on a cruise to Mexico.  On the ship, we met an amazing couple from Canada who had twin boys.  Halfway through the trip, my husband told me he would do anything to have twins.  At the time, being 22 years old and just dating, I Read More

The Parenting Dance

  Many parents go through a period where they struggle to understand what their children are telling them.   In more challenging situations, parents can have a hard time connecting with their babies.  I often suggest they try considering these times in a new framework.  Consider parenting to be a dance. Starting from the first moment you hold your infant in Read More

Princesses: Perfectly Pleasant or Potentially Perilous?

Recently, many articles have surfaced on the web concerning the visuals and message the Disney princesses and their stories present. (I’ve included links to a few below.)  Peggy Orenstein has written 4 books and numerous articles about women and girls coming of age.  Her most recent, Cinderella At My Daughter, considers what “girlie-girl” culture may Read More