Guest Post: Cleanwell

You’ll be armed for cold and flu season this year with CleanWell Disinfectants To-Go. Your kids touch thousands of places in the course of ONE DAY, that means you need CleanWell in your bag!  Whether it’s cleaning up toys after a play date with a pal who has a runny nose or wiping down the Read More

Guest Post: Go Beyond Teaching and Lucky Lil’ Darlings Team Up

LUCKY LIL’ DARLINGS ELITE FAMILY CARE SOLUTIONS COMPANY TEAMS UP WITH BEYOND TEACHING TUTORING SERVICE TO PROVIDE THE BEST IN FAMILY CARE TO THE TRI STATE AREA Lucky Lil’ Darlings (LLD) elite family care solutions company and Beyond Teaching (BT) tutoring service have joined forces to provide the best in family care to the tri-state Read More

My Favorite Things: Patemm Pads

I recently had the pleasure of meeting Grace Welch, the mom inventor of the Patemm Pad.  This woman is a dynamo, and so is her product!  A little background for those of you who aren’t familiar with the product…The Patemm Pad is a patented, award-winning, parent and third party laboratory tested, eco-friendly diaper changing system that Read More

Guest Post: Dimity Kirwan, Founder of Beyond Teaching, LLC

What’s Educare? Find out this Weekend (for free)!   On Saturday, August 20th, Beyond Teaching and Mommy’s Links will be holding the first Educare Fair, sponsored by Jones New York. Beyond Teaching, which connects parents seeking qualified individuals to tutor or provide after-school/weekend care for their children, began using the term educare to describe the Read More

I’m Sorry!

How many times in your life have you said “I’m sorry” to another person?  It’s natural that when the children in our lives do something that hurts, upset, or bothers another person, we encourage them to say “I’m sorry,” as well.  But what does “I’m sorry” really mean and does it teach children anything?  In Read More

NYC Imagination Library

Whenever I hear about a terrific opportunity for young children, I like to pass along the information.  There’s a wonderful new program in NYC that encourages a love of learning and books.  The NYC Imagination Library is an initiative of the NYC Dept. of Education. The goal is to promote the development of emergent literacy Read More

Why Does He Have That?

Recently, more and more early childhood programs have opened their doors to children with a variety of needs.  These integrated and inclusive communities are wonderful places for all children to learn and are fantastic in a multitude of other ways.  The law says that children with special needs must be educated in the Least Restrictive Environment (LRE).  Read More

My Favorite Things: Lunchskins

These days, we’re all trying to be a little kinder and gentler to our environment.  My reaction to this concept is the same reaction I have to most parenting advice…it has to be practical for the person using it.  I love Lunchskins because they are just that, practical!  Lunchskins are reusable sandwich (or snack) bags that make Read More