Another Smile Inducing Post

Some time ago, I worked with a child who was having a hard time internalizing the rules.  Cognitively, he totally understood what he should and shouldn’t be doing at any given moment, but he just couldn’t seem to stop himself.  It’s what educators call poor impulse control.  This was also a child who loved animals.  Read More

BabyCenter Poll: Tiger Mom out, Eagle Mom in

BabyCenter conducted an international poll.  I was thrilled to see the results!  Read what they discovered and stay tuned for my own comments on parenting styles.

A Special Educators’ Bag of Tricks

One of the first things any child receiving special services will learn to say, whether by signing or speaking, is “open bag.”  Special service providers (occupational, speech, feeding, and physical therapists, as well as special educators), come to work in homes and schools with a literal bag of tricks.  We bring novel materials to excite Read More

Love Is In The Air

Happy Valentine’s Day!  February 14th is a day when we think about love and our connections to others.  If those thoughts don’t lead directly to our feelings about children and our families, I don’t know what would. Three months ago upon the birth of my nephew, my father told my brother (the new daddy), “all Read More

Happy New Year!

As we enter 2011, may we all feel more empowered and appreciated, a little bit more understanding and better understood, more patient and consistent, and most importantly, happy with ourselves and our families.  Parenting is a challenging and rewarding job.  You can do it!  I am here if you need me. Be well, Dana Dana’s Kids.  Empowered Read More


Welcome parents and educators to the launch of what I hope will be a useful resource and an inspiration! Over the last 10 years, I have worked with hundreds of children and families. While many of the same issues consistently present themselves, it is my belief that the people involved make the challenges unique. As Read More