My Favorite Things: Kissing Dots!

When a child says “help me please,” how can you resist? It feels so good to be able to give your child what he or she needs! But parents and caregivers should be aware that self-help skills are incredibly important for young children. Sometimes, adults don’t realize how capable children are. Toddlers can help put Read More

Caught Being Good

I was recently on line at the supermarket behind a woman and her daughter.  The child was probably about 6 years old and she and her mother were discussing what they were going to eat for dessert.  They suddenly realized they had forgotten the ice cream cones.  The mother calmly said to her daughter “You go Read More

My Favorite Things: Infant Toys (0-6 Months)

It’s apropos, in light of the fact that my nephew was born last Wednesday morning, that I offer a list of my favorite infant toys and some ways to use them! 1.Light Rattles and Small Rain sticks– These items encourage tracking (following objects with their eyes) and are very attractive to infants.  They make different noises and are Read More

New York Family Magazine: Special Needs Article

Concerned about your child’s development? Check out the new article I contributed to for New York Family Magazine. “Understanding the Special Needs Landscape in NYC: Parents Of Children With Special Needs Face A Maze Of Evaluations, Programs And Services. Here’s Some Expert Advice”