Showing Emotions to Children

I recently wrote about how aware children are of what their parents are communicating through language and behavior. This is true both after extreme events and during the typical day. When a parent is anxious during separation at school, the child knows. When a grownup holds the child’s hand just a little bit tighter while Read More

Can You “Kid” With Kids? How Humor Can Be Helpful

Many of us know adults who use humor to diffuse the tension in situations, but did you know that humor is a wonderful technique with children, from toddlers on up?  When they are about to tantrum or fight, catch them off guard with humor.  You could try saying “Hey wait a second.  Where did my child Read More

Teaching Children To Problem Solve

Learning to problem solve begins at a very young age, and is a lifelong skill that helps us as we make our way through the world.  Infants learn to problem solve as they track a toy with their eyes and slowly begin to reach out to grasp it.  Babies problem solve when they have a toy Read More

Caught Being Good

I was recently on line at the supermarket behind a woman and her daughter.  The child was probably about 6 years old and she and her mother were discussing what they were going to eat for dessert.  They suddenly realized they had forgotten the ice cream cones.  The mother calmly said to her daughter “You go Read More

A Wonderful Sight!

Another walk down the street, another sighting.  This time a wonderful interaction!  I’ll post more about nannies and nanny relationships later, but the nanny I saw today was clearly a special one. Initially, the child (between 2 and 3) was in the stroller hysterically crying.  I always try my best not to frown along with the child.  Read More

Quality, Not Quantity.

I speak to parents all the time about their children.  Sometimes casually, sometimes formally.  And what I’m about to say is not a new concept.  But many times, while we are chatting informally, we’re both checking blackberries, iphones, emails, texts and really only half listening to each other.  This is not okay.  I wonder about Read More