A Post About Bin Laden’s Death

Whether talking about his life or death, I struggle with giving this man more than his 15 minutes of fame.  To be sure, in my opinion, he didn’t even deserve that much.  Many people have strong feelings about last night’s events.  Many will be discussing them today and for days to come.  When doing so, Read More

A Wonderful Sight: First Steps

We recently (finally!) had a sunny day in NYC.  I love being outside, feeling the sun on my face, relaxing in the park.  Little did I know that on this sunny day I would be a part of a young family’s “first.”  I watched as the young couple encouraged their daughter to let go of Read More

Parenting On The Same Page: Building Relationships

Having a successful relationship with your partner helps you both be more effective parents.  Here are some tips for building that relationship. Be a team: We often hear “there’s no /i/ in team.”  This is never more true than in building a spousal relationship.  If one of you has an issue, it is a problem for Read More

A Wonderful Sight: Grown-Ups Playing

I try to balance my blog posts to cover child development, current issues, ideas for support, and simple, feel-good stories.  Today is a day for a smile!  The last time it rained I noticed how many adults were wearing tall, whimsical, rainboots.  While these are usually reserved for children, I’m so glad to see this trend for Read More

What Kind of Parent Are You?

Do you know your parenting style?  Do you label it?  Should you?  Take a look at my recent article for babybites! http://www.babybites.com/03/09/what-kind-of-parent-are-you/

The Value of “Grown-Up” Breaks

Let’s face it, parenting is exhausting at times.  For this reason, parents need to give themselves a “grown-up” break.  When I say a break, I mean two things:  A break can be time away from your child with the help of a caregiver, friend or family member.  Even a video.   This time allows you to recoup your patience and energy, refresh Read More

Post Script to Review: “No More Mrs. Nice Mom”

As I read and reread my post, I thought it was important to add that I have not read Amy Chua’s book “Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother.”  I’d also like to note that in one of the news stories I recently saw, she did say that one of her daughters rebelled against her techniques Read More

Review: “No More Mrs. Nice Mom”

Please take a look at the article “No More Mrs. Nice Mom” in the NY Times. I’ve read the article and watched the news report and I’ll respond to them the way I do to so many others…what happened to the middle ground?! We have certainly had a trend in parenting where grown-ups want to Read More

Weeding Through Well-Meaning Advice

I recently wrote a guest blog post for a wonderful website: www.motherhoodlater.com.  “Motherhood Later… Than Sooner, founded by Robin Gorman Newman, is an international organization devoted to those parenting later in life. If you became a mom for the first time, or again, at age 35+, we welcome your participation. Our mission is to inform, Read More